• Format: Original TV-series - Feature films - Transmedia franchise.

  • Genre: Lovecraftian-NOIR. #Epic #Mystery #Thriller #Emotional #Weird-Horror #Psycho-Drama #Crime  #Violence #Survival  #Eldritch #ConspiracyTheories 

  • Available for download: StoryWorld Bible Short version.pdf / StoryWorld Bible - Extended version.pdf


Across America, strange undercover operatives are set the hazardous task of investigating and unearthing the activity signs of ancient terrifying occult forces that corrode human society, at the cost of their mental health toward irreversible and devastating self-destruction.

The One and Only Truth is at that price!

Our L-NOIR® TV Series is a multi-layered, slow-burn show that challenges our collective responsibility and the future of our species by exploring the human condition in all its darkness and blindness. 

Our protagonists are dark heroes in a perpetual struggle against the outside elements and against themselves. 

They are Truthseekers engaged in an inner journey whose ultimate denouement will send them to self-destructive Madness or Redemption.

THE RAY is the first entry point into the L-NOIR's frantic, paranoid universe.

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